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Customer Testimonials – Gutter Repair & Replacement Services
A few letters of thanks and testimonials from clients.

Vancouver & Area, BC

To the Good Folks at Gutter Doc

Enclosed is a cheque for the full amount outstanding on the work at (address suppressed) our home.

We understand the amount outstanding was $5844. Instead, you will find a cheque enclosed for $6250.

The amount of $6250 is a way  of extending  our sincere appreciation for being a “stand-up” organization that has gone the extra mile to “make things right” for my wife and I.

Through it all, your team has been a  pleasure to work with. The young men who did the majority of the work were clean, courteous and professional. Ed, who did the original appraisal also heard me out on the phone, when I expresssed my concerns, and now another has come to take good care of the painting and final clean-up.

My wife and I are grateful to you all, and will have no trouble recommending you to our friends and neighbors, as a company that stands on their word.

Thank you.


Ian and Kathy Daniel

Built in 1991, the Regency Court Townhouses complex is a 64 unit 2-storey development with cedar roofs. Over the years, our complex has spent thousands of dollars annually to have our gutter system cleaned of debris. Even with the annual cleaning, we were constantly frustrated by gutters that overflowed and clogged, necessitating climbing ladders – usually in very wet conditions. At one point, we thought we would have to replace the entire gutter system and go with a larger gutter to handle the runoff.

Then, along came the Gutter Doctor! They suggested we use their V-shaped funnels to handle rain volumes and combine that with their downspout catch basins for easy
cleaning. In the Summer of 2008, we took their advice and modified our existing gutter system…and are we ever glad we did! No more overflowing gutters…no more
clogged downspouts…no more climbing ladders…and no more cleaning of gutters!!!!
We only need to empty the catch basins approximately every six weeks to keep our gutter system in top running order.

Fraser Valley Gutter Doctor provided us with a sample unit so we would understand how the system modification would work. The sample really helped explain the
problem and solution to our homeowners. The Gutter Doctor was very efficient and professional when it came time to install as well. The worksite was left clean and the
work was completed entirely to our satisfaction. It’s been 2 1/2 years since we’ve had this work done and we are still very happy with the Gutter Doctor solution. We
would certainly recommend the Fraser Valley Gutter Doctor to other strata complexes and home owners.

Strata Council for
Strata Plan LMS 252
January 20, 2011

Good morning, I am writing to let you know that my husband & I are very happy with our new gutter system that was installed on Monday, September 27, 2010. The two gentlemen that did the work were very professional and did excellent work. They had the old gutter system off & the new one installed within two hours. They cleaned up after they were done & left our yard as they found it. I would not hesitate to recommend Golden Phoenix. to any of my friends & Acquaintances. We live in a mobile home park and our new gutters have been noticed and when asked we tell them who did the work, Thank you for a job well done!

Al & Bev Crawford

Maple Ridge, BC

“Since the installation of the Drainguards on our downspouts and the V shape Fast Flow Funnels installed in our gutters we can already see some of the leaves that would have been laying in the gutters being washed down into the baskets which we can empty ourselves. What a great idea. The cost was reasonable and far better than replacing our complete gutter system which was in good shape. You can be sure we will definitely be giving Fraser Valley Gutter Doctor & Re-Re Roofing our recommendation to anyone we know that could benefit from this great idea.”

Ron & Rory Caldwell
Maple Ridge,B.C

Coquitlam, BC

I had the Fraser Valley Gutter Doctor & Re-Re Roofing put in my gutters and they put in a maintenance free system which I have had now for 4 years. There has never been any clogs or maintenance that I needed to do. The system works wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to put in new gutters.

The Fraser Valley Gutter Doctor & Re-Re Roofing did such a good professional job, that when I needed to put a new roof on the my house this year, I called them to give an estimate and they were here within a few weeks and put on a new roof. The workmanship, quality and service was excellent.


Sophie Staley
Coquitlam, B.C

Abbotsford, BC

Forest Ridge Strata Complex, at the top of Whatcom Road in Abbotsford, had problems with high gutters that would clog up due to the many big trees in the neighbourhood.

“We found Joe the Gutter Doctor first class and honest in all our dealings,” says Albert Carlisle of the Forest Ridge Strata Council. “The job was done when it was supposed to be done and it was done on budget. We had no complaints.

“It has been eighteen months and we have had no problems whatsoever since installing the system.”

Albert Carlisle
Forest Ridge Strata Council, Abbotsford.