Metal Roofing

A steel roof system adds style, beauty & character to your building’s design, regardless of size or shape. Our steel metal roof systems are exceptionally functional and architecturally attractive, offering the most contemporary designs for commercial, industrial, institutional and light commercial buildings.

From the potential for curved and straight-slope uses of our Tradition profile, the superior insulation and efficiency of our Marquis profile, to the distinctive artisan quality of our Prestige profile, our premium commercial profiles can deliver on the look you’re trying to achieve.  Golden Phoenix also offers economical alternatives such as our TSR profile which is perfect for extreme environmental situations and our Exposed fastener profile for quick installations on a budget.  We can also help you replicate the look of traditional roofing materials with our stone coated steel and simulated slate and tile profiles.

Is a Metal Roof Right for Me?

Before deciding on making the investment on a new metal roof, it is important for homeowners to first determine their criteria. Beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability of a roofing product are common concerns among homeowners. When comparing metal roofing systems it is very important to also scrutinize installation methods, fastening systems, colour coating systems, strength-to-weight ratios, and metal composition. Making the best choices for all of these factors will ultimately determine your return on investment.

Why Choose Us

Golden Phoenix is one of the most experienced and respected building & construction firms for over a century. Golden Phoenix have been transforming the ideas and visions of our clients into award-winning projects.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
  • On Time and on Budget
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Advantages of metal roofing

Because of their longevity, metal roofs are less expensive than asphalt shingles in the long term.

A lightweight roof is very useful for large and or old structures, as it helps to maintain the overall structural integrity of the building.

Metal roofing contains recycled product, it is an effective way to lower your energy bill and minimize your family's carbon footprint!

You home will be more protected against wildfires, hail storms, heavy snow, and other extreme weather events!