Hidden Rain Gutter Repair Services Vancouver

Built-in rain gutters or “hidden gutters” as we like to call them, can have a long life span…up to 50 years, when properly maintained and looked after. They look great from the ground and blend in with your home’s architecture.

While hidden gutter systems may look great, unfortunately they present several major problems;

  • Hidden gutters, by their very nature, remain unseen and are easily neglected
  • Hidden gutter leaks are just that…”hidden”, so they can cause serious damage before being noticed
  • Hidden gutter repairs are difficult and should not be attempted by do-it-yourself homeowners

On conventional rain gutter systems, because they are so visible, leaks can be caught early and gutter repair or replacement can cost a lot less and is much easier to complete.

Hidden Gutter Repairs

Most built in hidden gutter systems are found on older heritage style homes with tar and gravel roofs. Many higher end homes also incorporated hidden gutters into their design.

Prevention is always your best bet to avoid hidden gutter repairs. Your best prevention is installing Gutter Grates to keep leaves and debris out of your hidden gutters. Installing gutter guards plus regular maintenance will ensure that your hidden gutter system is working properly and will give you years of leak-free service.

The sooner hidden gutter leaks are detected the better because the water can enter the building’s structure and cause serious structural damage to your home.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the damage is already done by the time homeowners discover the hidden gutter leak and come seeking our help.

Wherever possible we will conduct hidden gutter repairs to fix the leaking gutter problem, repair any water damages we may find and maintain the architectural integrity of your home.

Sometimes hidden gutter repairs are not sufficient and we have no alternative but look at replacing the hidden gutter system.

Hidden Gutter Replacement

When water damage is extensive or if your hidden gutter system was not installed properly to begin with, hidden gutter replacement may be necessary.

Improper hidden gutter installation might mean several things;

  • The gutter was not sloped properly for draining rain water away from the home
  • The built-in gutter membrane may be severely damaged or wasn’t properly installed and sealed in the first place
  • The hidden gutter drain is too small to handle the amount of rain water
  • Hidden gutter damage can also result from wind damage, expansion cracks, falling tree limbs or from the weight of over packed snow

Replacing rotten facia boards is one thing but in a lot of cases it becomes necessary to completely rebuild and/or re-slope the hidden gutter system altogether if the damage is extensive.

Signs to watch for that might indicate hidden gutter leaks are localized wood decay or wood rot (most evident in facia boards and wood soffits) water stains and mildew, masonry damage and peeling paint.

Ask Us About Hidden Gutter Repairs

Our hidden gutter experts can help you if you have damaged or leaking hidden gutters. We also install hidden gutters with built in covers called “gutter grates”, the leaf guard protection system for keeping out leaves and debris.

We understand that the cornice profile and historic roofline of your home or building help define its character and we will do everything in our power to repair or replace hidden gutter damage while maintaining the integrity of the structure’s character.

For more information about our hidden gutter repair and replacement services or our “gutter grate” gutter guard system, please email the Golden Phoenix Building MaterialThe Golden Phoenix services Vancouver Gutters and helps clients throughout all lower mainland communities. Call Golden Phoenix Toll Free at 1-888-851-2911.

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