Leaking Gutters Repair and Gutter Replacement Services

Leaking gutters can be a real problem.

Unfortunately gutter leaks sometimes go unnoticed for long periods of time, or even worse, are ignored. If leaking gutters are left too long, water can cause a series of problems.

Leaking gutters can be blamed for leaky basements, soil erosion and moisture damage to your home or foundation. This can lead to not only gutter repairs but also costly home repairs. If you notice your gutters leaking we recommend you take steps to have the problem resolved as soon as possible.

British Columbia can often experience extreme weather conditions including strong winds, excessive rain and at times, heavy wet snow. These weather extremes can warp and damage gutters causing gutter joints to separate and gutter seams to leak.

Gutter Repairs

We offers complete gutter repair services for vinyl, aluminum and galvanized metal rain gutters.

In order to minimize gutter repair costs, wherever possible we will try and salvage your old gutter system. We first inspect your rain gutter system to see if you need gutter repairs or gutter replacement. We look to ensure that;

  • Your rain gutters were installed properly
  • Your gutter system has the correct slope for proper water drainage
  • All gutter joints (including elbow joints) are properly joined together
  • All gutter seams are properly caulked and sealed

In many cases leaking gutters can be repaired with minimal effort by repairing separated gutter joints, resealing leaking gutter seams or adjusting the gutter slope to improve the efficiency of your rain gutter drainage system.

Solutions for Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are very common in BC and sometimes what seems like damaged leaking gutters are actually clogged gutters that are overflowing. Clogged gutters can eventually lead to leaking gutters if the water is allowed to pool long enough to cause corrosion or rust.

Preventative maintenance can add longevity to the life of your rain gutter system but now there’s an easier and more cost effective way of keeping your gutters clean.

Golden Phoenix specializes in the installation of the no-clog, Gutter Grate™ Gutter Guard System, which was designed to;

  • Eliminate Clogged Gutters
  • Eliminate The Need For Gutter Cleaning
  • Add Years To The Life Of Your Gutters

This 3-part Gutter Grate™ system includes;



Gutter Guards (or screens) to filter out large debris and leaves



Large V-Shaped Drainage Funnels for rapid gutter drainage



Drainage Catch Basins (installed on the downspout) to trap small debris

The Gutter Grate™ gutter guard system will work for most rain gutter systems as long as the rain gutters are in good shape. Read How the Gutter Guard System Works.

In cases where rain gutters are indeed damaged or leaking, gutter repairs or gutter replacement may be necessary prior to the installation of the Gutter Grate™ gutter guard system.

Gutter Replacement

Salvaging your old rain gutter system is always our first objective but there are times where gutter repairs and/or resealing gutter seams just won’t work and your gutters leak beyond repair.

The gutter damage may be too extensive; the rain gutters may be too cracked, too rusted, too old and worn out or perhaps the gutters were not installed properly in the first place. In such cases gutter repairs won’t be enough to keep your rain gutters functioning properly so gutter replacement may be your only option.

Seamless gutters are a great alternative since there are fewer joints and seams and therefore less chance of gutter leaking. The Gutter Doctor has also done gutter replacement jobs for clients who want larger rain gutters or want to upgrade their rain gutter system to improve drainage efficiency.

Ask Us About Repairing or Replacing Gutters

For more information about gutter repairs or gutter replacement services for leaking gutters in BC or to learn more about the no-clog Golden Phoenix™ gutter guard system, please email the  Golden Phoenix Building Material or call us Toll Free at 1-888-851-2911.