Golden Phoenix International

After more than ten years of hard work in the market, Golden Phoenix International has gradually formed a cross-industry enterprise group from a real estate development enterprise, which has been recognized by the society and the company has developed rapidly.

In the past 10 years, Golden Phoenix International has developed into a large-scale enterprise group with a registered capital of 350 million yuan and a staff of nearly 4,000. Golden Phoenix International insists on quality, reputation and service as its brand image. The “Golden Phoenix” trademark was awarded the famous trademark of Hebei Province in china.

Golden Phoenix International has made various public welfare undertakings to repay the society. Earthquake relief, fighting against SARS, and subsidizing out-of-school children, have donated more than one million yuan. Golden Phoenix International has won praise from the society…

Our Mission

Why Choose Us

Golden Phoenix is developed the no-clog gutter guard system in order to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning. The Gutter Grate™ filters out leaves and debris thus eliminating the need for you, as a homeowner, to have to climb your ladder to clean gutters. Our gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system Keeps You Safe!

British Columbia gets a lot of rain. In fact, it rains about 166 days out of the year and drops on average, over 62 inches of rain annually. Our job is to make sure your gutters are in good repair and working properly.

Popular Questions

If your gutters clog up within the first 10 years of installation, we will come out and clean your gutters for FREE! That’s our guarantee!

The free-flow gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system works. It is designed to perform just like the drainage in your house.

Ask any plumber and they will tell you that water needs to drain from a small hole to a larger hole. It would never drain the other way around and if you said this to any plumber it would be backwards…they would never install it.

The gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system works exactly the same way where rain flow drains from a small hole to a larger hole and then flushes through. It’s just that simple.

Gutter leaf guard gutters act as leaf filters. Large leaves, twigs and debris are effectively filtered out so that your rain gutter drainage system only has to flush out water.

Gutter leaf guard gutters work with the same principle employed by professional plumbers. For effective drainage, and to ensure proper flush-through, water must flow from smaller drainage into larger drainage.

The 3-step Gutter Protection System;