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We remain true to the same principles on which our company was founded over a decade ago

Limited Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee the gutter guard Gutter Grate™ system will work. If your gutters clog, we will come out and clean your gutters for you…for free! That’s our promise.

How the Gutter Guard System Works

Part 1
Gutter Grates™

Gutter Grates™ are simply “gutter covers”.

We customize our Gutter Grates™ so they can be installed on all types of gutters including hidden gutters, seamless gutters and continuous gutters.

Part 2
V-Shape Funnel System

Fast flow “V” shaped funnelsare installed to open the top of the down pipe two to four times bigger than what it was with the birdie used on standard gutters. It does not restrict the water flow and speeds the water down into the drainage pipe.

Part 3
Downspout Catch Basins

Our downspout catch basinsare attached to the down pipe a few feet off the ground for easy access.

The downspout catch basins act like “drain guards”, catching debris that is washed down the drain pipe, before it can reach the drain. You can now clean out the removable catch basin as needed. It’s a great system!

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We provide extended warranties from leading industry suppliers and comprehensive maintenance programs.


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